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About Us

Hello! Welcome to Take Montana Home.

We are Laurie and Doug and we are excited to share our Take Montana Home store with you. Our love affair with Montana began in the mid 1980's when we were young working parents. Moving to Montana was not a reality for us until 2011 after our children were on their own. We settled in one of the prettiest places on earth, the Bitterroot Valley.

In our pre-Montana days we were nine to fivers and lived a middle class lifestyle. We lived, worked and played hard. We always had 'something' going on the side.. either a wholesale nursery, tree farm or an action sports photography business. We dabbled in many things like making native American drums and antler art to rustic furniture from raw cedar planks. We built three of our own homes over the course of 32 years. Moving to Montana was a dream for us. And we feel more at home here than ever before.

What we found when we moved here was a surprise. Not only did we find how much we love it here and how well we fit in. We met so many people with diverse backgrounds and interests. Even more than we found in our former home in Washington State. It is a fact that people are drawn to this area by its beauty, outdoor recreation, the friendly people and the lifestyle. Montana is truly a one of kind place. And now, we want to share it so you can Take Montana Home with you. 

A little known fact about Montana is how entrepreneurial the people are here. Talent and energy is hidden on dirt roads, nestled in the mountains, next to creeks and in out of the way places. Montana is home to a lot of internationally known businesses and start-ups whose ventures are at the top of their field. These are people and businesses that could thrive any where. Montana is also home to the small business entrepreneur. People who want to make their own and own their own. Most say they own and operate their businesses in Montana for the same reasons; Montana is where they want to be, and they can no longer imagine living and working in a place that doesn’t offer the quality of life and access to business resources they have in Montana.

For that very reason we want to bring the talented, gifted entrepreneurs and small business owners in Montana to the forefront by offering their products to the world. It's our way of being proud of where we live and who we share this experience with. As much as we want it for ourselves, we also want everyone to Take Montana Home.

Enjoy your shopping experience. We hope it is a pleasurable one.


Laurie and Doug